About Me

A native of London, Jakob Thompson currently attends the University of Edinburgh, where he is a PhD candidate in Biology, specializing in Ecology. He will be graduating in the spring of 2017.

Jakob has been passionate about cycling ever since he was little. He loves biking because of how it connects him to nature. It makes him appreciative of all of the things that science isn’t able to cover when he surveys the world around him.

In terms of dream bike routes, Jakob’s number one place to visit would be The Friendship Highway in China. This rarely seen scenic route leads all the way to Tibet. Two other cycling routes Jakob hopes to ride are the Munda Biddi in Australia and the North Sea Cycle Route which stretches across Europe.

When Jakob isn’t toiling over his dissertation, you can find him playing poker at LeoVegas or hiking and biking his way up and down every path he can find in the UK.