Mountain bike overlooking Brecon Beacons hills

Level Five:

Black Route, over 50km

  • Includes extreme terrain
  • Some sections can be considered totally unrideable for the majority of people


Level Four:

Red Route, 30-40km

  • Steep terrain
  • Larger Obstacles - requiring a high level of riding expertise
  • Greater range of bodily movements is required to ride this terrain/larger boulders
  • Deep narrow ruts
  • Very slippery terrain
  • Terrain where very good control of brakes is required
  • Bike itself needs to be in very good condition
  • Bike must be equipped appropriately ie good tyres, suspension, mud guards


Level Three:

Blue Route, 8-25km

  • Moderately steep inclines requiring reasonable amount of effort on the climbs
  • Greater degree of technical expertise needed on the descents
  • Terrain may demand that riders pick a line through
  • Obstacles on the terrain

Level Two:

Green Route 8-20km

  • Moderate climbs
  • Moderate descents
  • Rougher or slightly slippery ground surface
  • Picking a line will or should not be necessary
  • Any line on the track should be rideable but may include; small stones, shallow broad ruts, slightly slippery terrain


Level One:

Yellow route 8km or less

  • Fairly flat terrain
  • Even surface over whole width of track
  • Track being at least 6ft wide
  • No big climbs
  • No big descents
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